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For equine well-being, learning & development, social impact and sustainability businesses

Our Services

We offer a range of marketing services, designed to support businesses at all stages in their journey. We work either on a project basis or provide a full service solution and we'll function as a part of your team.


Logo's & Branding

Creating an identity for your company goes beyond a company logo, it stretches through to how a customer perceives your brand, product and service at every touch point. We can help you design or develop your brand identity and make it consistent and true to you so you'll stand out amongst your competition in all your chosen platforms.

Some of our Work

We have developed many strategies, logos, websites and campaigns helping to establish a strong identity, clear journey, connection with the brand/offer and conversion for our Clients:


The Red Horse website was highly visual and connected deeply with its audience, but the sites platform was ageing, wasn't secure and it lacked a clear journey for visitors. 


We designed and built a website which takes visitors on rich visual and informed journey through the services and events offered by the team and the herd. Enabling clients to engage with the team more easily and book calendarised events with online bookings functionality. Analytics showed that over 50% of traffic was on mobiles, so making the site responsive no matter the device was key. The site is open source, so the Red Horse Team are able to update and edit the content independently rather than having to rely on a third party.


Increased website traffic, lowered bounce rates, higher rate of queries, decreased admin due to automated online bookings. 

Red Horse Foundation


Our Philosophy

Authenticity of brands 

Building authentic brands that resonates with your audience and then permeates every touch point with your business and your offer.

Purposeful content

Taking the time to understand the environment and frame of mind in which you are engaging with your audience in a way that connects.

Connectivity through journeys

Putting clear markers in all your media to help your audience get to know you and explore all that you offer with a destination in mind.

Responsive destinations 

Creating websites that intuitively receives, informs and channels the audience, while informing the business growth organically.

Consistency and delivery

Being planned, consistent and clear with both your message and intention, in both tone and construct helps drive deeper connections.


What some of our Clients say...

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Caroline at EquiSense Marketing.

She has been helping me with marketing my Equine Assisted Learning business "Hephzibah Horses".  I found her to be professional and friendly, going over and above in her support of someone who really is a complete beginner in the business world.  She helped create very professional content and nothing was too much trouble for her.


Caroline's friendly and down to earth approach, will no doubt win her many fans with people in the horse industry, who may be very good with horses, but not experts at promoting their expertise.  Not only did I enjoy working with Caroline as a professional, but I now consider her to be a friend.

Emma Rourke, Hephzibah Horses


Graphic Design, Photoshop & Animations


Customer Journey Copywriter 


Insights, Strategy & Communications Planning


Website Design & Build, Social Marketing


Web Design &
Online Learning Systems 

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For equine well-being, learning & development, social impact and sustainability businesses

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