Website Design & Build for Red Horse Foundation


The Red Horse website was highly visual and connected deeply with its audience, but the sites platform was ageing, wasn't secure and it lacked a clear journey for visitors. 


We designed and built a website which takes visitors on rich visual and informed journey through the services and events offered by the team and the herd. Enabling clients to engage with the team more easily and book calendarised events with online bookings functionality. Analytics showed that over 50% of traffic was on mobiles, so making the site responsive no matter the device was key. The site is open source, so the Red Horse Team are able to update and edit the content independently rather than having to rely on a third party.


Increased website traffic, lowered bounce rates, higher rate of queries, decreased admin due to automated online bookings. 

Full Service Marketing for The HEART Centre


With an enormous amount to offer, business was a historically a bit hit and miss for The HEART Centre. There were a number of brands in circulation, the websites weren't matching the offer and the messaging was fragmented and inconsistent.


A new brand architecture was created which included a visual style for course icons and modules to be used in all communications, creating identity and recognition. A website was designed and built with the core audience groups in mind. All communications drive to the site with clear navigation of products and courses on offer. Social media using the course and module illustrations and animations drive traffic to landing pages with call to actions specific to the program offered. A subscription base is building and those who sign up are served with regular newsletters and blogs from Wendy and the team.


Client confidence in building pipeline of business. 20% increase of traffic month on month, course attendance dramatically increased, prompting a more frequent and populated calendar. 

Website Design & Build for Hephzibah


Emma was a bit stuck in knowing how to get her message "out there" and was finding that events posted on facebook lacked client commitment. This impacted Emma's confidence in generating reliable business through workshops. 


A newly built website with a greater sense of the Hephzibah proposition, environment and workshops offered. ​And importantly creating a platform to enable workshop booking and payments upfront, which Emma promotes actively on Facebook and Linkedin. The new site has also enabled a steady stream of blogs and client testimonials, which historically had been complicated to publish due to various technical barriers.


A fully booked first course with a healthy pipeline in the courses that follow. An open source site that Emma can edit and update with EquiSense support and tutelage. A site that performs and removes the technical barriers.

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